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Manuel Soares is the Director of Alma Portuguesa Hotels, a Brazilian hotel representation and consultancy company specializing in luxury tourism.

Operating in this important South American market since 2010, the company is already well known among the main local players, with an important and influential presence at a wide variety of trade events, in addition to constant door-to-door visits.

More than a local representative, the company is positioned in the market as a support to the commercial and reservation departments of each hotel unit and assumes its commitment of daily interface between the hotels and the demanding local clients.

Manuel Carlos Soares is a Portuguese hotelier, living in Brazil since 2009 and a graduate in Hotel Management from the Coimbra School of Hotel Management and Tourism.

With a deep knowledge of the Brazilian market, he has over the years become a respected and recognised hotelier who has been circulating among the demanding local trade for over 11 years.

Known for his ability to give a personalized service to each agency, without a doubt he is a hotelier that is always taken into consideration when deciding which hotel to choose, since he is often the key to good communication between the hotel unit and the final client.

Manuel is undoubtedly an important name in Brazil's tourism market, especially when we talk about the luxury travel sector.


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