How to become a member of Portugal Excellence

How to become a member of Portugal Excellence

How to become a member of Portugal Excellence

The aim of Excelencia de Portugal is to gather the best private Portuguese hospitality projects in the countryside as well as in the city, by the sea or in the mountains. Projects that have interesting proposals in the niches that Excelencia promotes and that meet a standard of luxury, service and great authenticity.

We seek to complete our collection by having at least one associate in each region of the country. We want the associates to complement each other and never be in competition with, in order they can develop a preferential partner relationship among them.

All independent hotels in the luxury segment (5 stars) or boutique units, 4 stars superior, that gather a differentiating offer and an excellent service and that are interested in the markets where Excellency is already present and organizing sales and marketing activities, can be associated to EXCELÊNCIA DE PORTUGAL.

Membership is by invitation or recommendation by already associated hoteliers or partners, and for a minimum of 2 years (24 consecutive months).

The monthly fee per member is determined by the unit's potential in the different target markets and the number of rooms of the hotel.


What is included in the monthly fee:

  • Shared sales representation of EXCELÊNCIA DE PORTUGAL in Brazil through a representation company in São Paulo, with an agenda of promotion events throughout the year.
  • Presentation of the hotel on our website, (Portuguese, English, and German).
  • Promotion of the hotels through the brand and with personalized posts on our social networks with personalized and dedicated posting.(Facebook with 8400 followers and Instagram with 4700 fans).
  • Participation in contests and other actions in the brand's social networks.
  • Coordination and participation in all direct sales actions, marketing and promotion campaigns of the brand EXCELÊNCIA DE PORTUGAL in the markets where it operates at shared costs.
  • Consulting and support to direct sales and marketing in the target markets through EXCELÊNCIA DE PORTUGAL's network of international contacts.


If you would like to become a member of Portugal Excellence send us a message for: associados@excelê