One of You

Lena Skogström



One of You - Lena Skogström


Lena is the founder and owner of the leading company in representing Luxury Tourism products in Scandinavia with in-depth knowledge of the Scandinavian market.

Her sales, marketing and public relations team creates an innovative exhibition for your destination and resort.

The commitment of Lena and her team is equivalent to their passion for their customers.

That's why One of You , as the name says , is part of its customers team!



Lena Skogström is a strategist and well experienced in destination sales, marketing and public relations. An industry icon with extensive travel and leisure experience. Profound knowledge of trends in the dynamic tourism trade, and an expert in solving problems and finding unique solutions. Lena knows the Scandinavian market inside and out. Her customer portfolio speaks for itself.

As our specialised partner Lena will help us to obtain the best results from the Scandinavian market for the destination Portugal and all our members. The local network of ONE OF YOU is built on years of successful relationships with all significant players.

Lena will collaborate with Excelência in specific actions throughout the year according to the needs and requests of our members in order to introduce the brand, strengthen brand loyality and create a competitive advantage in Scandinavian Luxury Market.

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