About Us

About Us



The Founders of the Excêlencia de Portugal project are two tourism professionals who took the initiative to bring a range of top partners together in order to promote the best of the destination.

Susanna Tocca

Susanna Tocca

DOC DMC Services Events and Wine - Lisboa

Born in Vienna, but in Lisbon for more than 20 years, Susanna has a great expertise in Destination Management, knowledge of the destination itself and logistics inherent to tours and stays.


André Araújo e Sá

André Araújo e Sá

Hotel Palácio Estoril - Sales Manager - Estoril

André is an expert in receiving clients and guests, and finding the tailor-made solution for each stay and event in one of the most prestigious Grand Hotels in Portugal, the legendary Hotel Estoril Palácio.




The mission of our team is to assist you in organizing and preparing your trip to Portugal in order to provide arrangements for a unique and memorable experience. Explorers, connaisseurs, and serious professionals with a desire to offer nothing but the best. We're big fans for our country!

We are four experts - with a great passion for Portugal - who have opened a range of services and exclusive structures for demanding markets.

Our brand should also be your top choice when it comes to the brazilien market, due to our know-how of its demands, preferences, and needs visiting Portugal. That is why we offer tailor made trips, also focusing on gastronomy, golf, and wedding plans.

Our team, along with our partners, open doors to exclusive, elegant and memorable trips.





The partners represented through the Excelência de Portugal brand present an authentic and differentiated offer. We want to show the best of Portugal through a personalized service with an excellent cost-effectiveness. We design unique itineraries that will show Portugal with all of its beauty and authenticity.

There will be trips that provide you with the essence and excellence of this small and charming country.

Portugal is one of the countries in Europe with the oldest borders and an extraordinary diversity of landscapes, lush beaches, castles, wine regions, modern and well-structured cities and relatively short distances. Portugal offers countless leisure activities and a rich cultural and historical heritage, where tradition and modernity harmonize.
The cuisine, the unique wines, the language and the welcoming people make Portugal a paradise worthy of being known in its essence and for its excellence.




Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe whose borders have remained unchanged for 900 years. The small nation maintains friendly relations with many countries in Europe and the world. Portugal was a major contributor to today's world view, and in the 15th century Brazil, Macau and African countries such as Angola, Mozambique and Cabo Verde were discovered by Portugal. The Portuguese also found the sea route to India and Portuguese is today the fifth most spoken language in the world. Almost every nation can discover traces of its own culture and history in Portugal. Our travel and event ideas will allow visitors to experience Portuguese culture and way of life in a very personal way.





  • Advice for the best choice

Direct contact with local partners through Susanna Tocca as coordinator who is knowledgeable, appreciative and passionate about the destination, and knows the individual profile of travellers.


  • Comfort and safety

Have a trip organized by professionals committed to quality and care in offering the best that there is in Portugal observing the conditions of each client.


  • Know-how

Our local partners have the best knowledge of the destination in order to create personalized experiences according to the profile and requirements of each client.


  • Experiences that money does not buy

The knowledge and links to a network of partners on site allows us to carry out programs that will remain in the memory of each traveller.


  • We know how to manage your budget 

We maximize your experience traveling through Portugal, making the most of the combination of structures and services available.


  • Impeccable logistics

Enjoy and leave the technical part to us, we know how to create the perfect itinerary and timings so that you can enjoy your trip to the maximum without any worry.


  • Updating and continuous innovation

In our proposals we strive to provide the best possible quality service.



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