About Us

About Us


Alone we arrive faster,
together we come further.


Our History

AcolhimentoWebEXCELÊNCIA DE PORTUGAL was created as a soft brand for independent private boutique and luxury otels and resorts and aims to jointly promote a selected premium offer in international markets.

The Project was born from Susanna Tocca's passion for Portugal. From Austrian origins, and a tourism entrepreneur for over 20 years, she managed one of the largest DMC agencies in the country, when she created in 2008 the DOC DMC boutique agency where she could continue to be the ambassador of the country that today she considers her home . DOC allows to promote the exclusivity, personalization and enormous creativity that have always characterized Susanna. Clients that visit us, will have a program designed for them, discovering unique places and memorable experiences linking history, culture and art with breathtaking landscapes, under the theme of wine and gastronomy.   

With a very extensive network and networking, Susanna felt that Portugal was not seen as a luxury destination, which could offer much more to visitors than was known in the various target markets. By identifying this gap, she created the brand and the project EXCELÊNCIA DE PORTUGAL with the objective of being an umbrella to strengthen the image of Portugal as a luxury destination , the many fantastic national hotels as well as brands and services that are part of the outstanding hospitality Portugal offers.
This way the message created abroad will be much more consistent and beneficial for the associates and lately the destination.
The Palácio Estoril Hotel, on the Lisbon Coast and The Yeatman Hotel, in the North, quickly joined the project, understanding immediately its advantages of synergy and became founding members of the Excelência de Portugal.

Currently EXCELÊNCIA DE PORTUGAL integrates 8 associated hotels. The goal will be to expand the collection of units constantly in order to achieve a diversified offer throughout Continental Portugal and the Islands. Each hotel is chosen through a careful selection process in order to maintain the high quality and a symbol of excellence that the brand represents. 

The members of the Excelência de Portugal thus represent a selection of the best that the hotel business in Portugal has to offer.