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EXCELÊNCIA DE PORTUGAL is a soft brand for independent private boutique and luxury hotels and resorts and aims to jointly promote a selected premium offer in international markets.

The project was born from Susanna Tocca's passion for Portugal. From Austrian origins, and a tourism entrepreneur for over 20 years, she managed one of the largest DMC agencies in the country.

With this precious know-how, the project EXCELÊNCIA DE PORTUGAL was created, a refined catalogue that reinforces and unifies the luxury offer of Portugal as a destination, the many fantastic national hotels as well as brands and services of “The Art of Welcome”.

The Palácio Estoril Hotel, on the Lisbon coast and The Yeatman Hotel, in the North, quickly joined the project, immediately realizing the advantages of these synergies, presenting themselves as founding members of Excelência de Portugal.

Susanna Tocca is CEO and founder of Excelência de Portugal, and has been a tourism entrepreneur for over 20 years, having managed one of the largest DMC agencies in the country.

Currently, EXCELÊNCIA DE PORTUGAL has 15 hotels associated. The aim is to constantly expand the collection of units in order to achieve a diversified offer throughout mainland Portugal and the Islands. Each hotel is chosen through a careful selection process, in order to maintain the high quality and excellence of reference.

The members of Excelência de Portugal represent a selection of the best that the hotel industry in Portugal has to offer.


André Sá (left), Deputy Sales Manager of the Hotel Palácio Estoril and one of the founding members of Excelência de Portugal, here accompanied by the long-time doorman of the Palácio Estoril, who witnessed part of its glamorous history. Both symbols of the standard of service that Excelência de Portugal aims to provide.



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