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Excelência de Portugal and its members and partners join forces with Essential Idea for the launch of the book O Mundo do Sal in Portugal.

The book O Mundo do Sal (The World of Salt) describes in an original and creative way the role of salt in culture, economy, politics, beliefs, religions, health and in the different cuisines of the world in 5,000 years of human history. The only mineral that human beings eat, salt is the most democratic product that exists, because it is one of the few foods that comes into everyone's home, every day, in every country, regardless of race and social class.

In this book, Master Chef Henrique Fogaça and journalist Rogerio Ruschel explore the curiosities of this valuable ingredient that served as currency, created roads and cities, financed wars and guaranteed the economy of empires. They also show how salt is present in almost all religions, popular beliefs and charms. As it is a terroir product, there are different varieties, types and presentations of salts; in the book more than 20 types are presented, such as sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, Flor de Sal, rock salt, black salt, smoked salt, kosher salt, Hawaiian salt and Maldon salt.


The book presents 45 recipes created by Chef Henrique Fogaça in dishes for different celebrations; a dinner for two, a family lunch, a special date, snacks to accompany happy hour drinks, a Sunday brunch and barbecue with friends. On 200 pages with hundreds of photos, the reader will learn how to make salads, meats, fish, prawns, risottos, vegetables, potatoes, steaks, ribs and roasts, bruschetta, drinks, jams, bread, custards, pancettas, omelets, burrata, croquettes, syrups, granola, cheeses, confit, French toast and desserts.


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