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In 2018 the young entrepreneur Rudi Azevedo created RM Hub as RM Academy as the first and only RM Training Academy with trainers of excellence and solid partnerships, providing training of unparalleled quality and undoubtedly superior to what was since available in the market.

During this first phase RM Hub was recognised by the national and international market and during the COVID 19 pandemic it felt the need to create a new business model in order to also provide consultancy on a larger scale to its clients.

Thus RM Hub was created with three business divisions: RM Academy (Training), RM all in One (Consultancy) and RM Accelerate (Sales and Sales Representation related).

RM Hub anticipates needs and strategies to create opportunities and is today a reference in the area of training and consultancy in Revenue Management and Sales.

With a constant need to innovate, RM Hub is in continuous search to find the disruptive element for its clients, investing in new technologies and new organizational models.

RM Hub is strongly committed to customers, employees and suppliers, and its commitment is to resilience, innovation and focus.

Today, RM Hub is synonymous with Efficiency, Quality and Innovation, dedicated to a market in constant change, being a reference in its area of operation.


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