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Be World is a family owned company based in Spain who provides services for luxury hotels and destinations around the world developing sales and marketing strategies in the European market.

Our Objective is to increase market share and increase revenue by organizing and assisting in sales & marketing activities throughout the main European markets both through B2B and B2C actions. We have a detailed knowledge of the luxury and high-end market and a strong updated international database to make sure we meet the market demands. Our network and experience are both key factors when achieving goals and addressing the right target.

We also work to improve the positioning and visibility of our clients by designing and implementing specific strategic plans. We have a team of fully qualified professionals in tourism and leisure with the necessary skills to implement any sales, marketing, communications and strategic consulting project.

Our clients are independent owned and managed luxury and boutique hotel companies in the world with a strong focus on Slow Life , Sustainability and Wellbeing, but also Boutique and luxury experts of destination managed companies in selected countries.

We are currently working with hotels and destinations in Maldives, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, UAE, India, , Portugal, Indonesia , Spain and Portugal. ​

Throughout our own experience and knowledge of this industry all our team members understand the complexity of the travel sector, the high requirements of the luxury market and the uniqueness of independent/self-owned companies that want to differentiate themselves from big corporations.

We have a team of fully qualified professionals in the field of tourism and leisure. We are all high qualified an with great professional experience and the necessary skills to implement any sales, marcom and strategic consulting project.

Alfonso Martinez Fischer is the founder of Be World. Alfonso has more than 33 years of experience covering senior positions at Madrid Tourist board, 14 years of Regional S&M Director for Starwood in Spain and Portugal and over 15 years since the successful foundation of Be World. Alfonso has a master degree in Tourism, Executive MBA by Delaware University and Special certifications by INSEAD and CORNELL university.


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