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The city of Aveiro considered by many as the "Portuguese Venice", has other wonderful attractions such as the traditional moliceiro ride on the ria of the same name, an art nouveau museum among others and of course, the new MS COLLECTION Palácio Valdemouro Hotel built from the XIX century palace of Valdemouro, A MIXTURE OF TIME REVIVALISM INSPIRED IN THE WORKS OF Eça de Queirós, one of the best Portuguese writers.

The Hotel is located in the traditional center of the city, with easy access to all that is relevant in the city, its monuments, entertainment, and restaurants. And for those who like to fully enjoy their stay, the hotel presents in its rooms a combination of architecture, tradition and comfort where rest and relaxation are in demand, a diverse menu of Spa options, indoor and outdoor pool and a bar with national and international choices.

And for those seeking the best in Portuguese cuisine, the Ramalhete restaurant on the first floor offers Queiros-inspired dishes, mixed with local cuisine and centuries-old sweets, for a unique and spectacular sensory experience.


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