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Welcome to Valverde Santar Hotel & Spa, a luxury retreat surrounded by history and the picturesque beauty of Santar. The property is more than a hotel, representing a journey through time, combining the charm of a privileged landscape with luxury services and all the romantic characteristics of the region.

The hotel offers guests the opportunity to explore the historic town and its museums, enjoy the unique view of the Serra da Estrela to the south and the Serra do Caramulo to the north, discover the exceptional cuisine that highlights local flavours, explore the award-winning wine list of the demarcated Dão region and enjoy outdoor activities, surrounded by a stunning and serene landscape.

Valverde Santar Hotel & Spa offers an experience of luxury and romance where detail reigns. Exclusive services such as spa treatments, gastronomic journeys, intimate comfort, and the harmony between classic style and modernity transform each stay into a unique experience.

This window onto one of Portugal's most exclusive regions is the opportunity to create unique moments and memories, surrounded by romance, natural beauty, and luxury, ensuring that every detail and request is satisfied in a personalised and exclusive way.


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