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Heritage Avenida Liberdade Hotel is located at the corner of the exclusive Avenida da Liberdade and Largo da Anunciada, a quiet and intimate place near the Lavra lift. It is a restoration of a late 18th century building, whose decoration was entrusted to Miguel Câncio Martins.

The rehabilitation carried out has kept all the elements of the 18th century façade. Inside, the Pombaline tiles have been restored, as well as the wooden shutters with their original ironwork and some pieces, namely the furniture of the old herbal shop.

Internationally renowned for his work in spaces such as Thiou and Buddha Bar in Paris, Strictly Hush in London and Man Ray in New York, Câncio Martins' brand is immediately recognisable in the spacious, cosmopolitan lobby of the hotel. A bridge between modernity and the past, the Heritage Avenida Liberdade Hotel is, like all hotels of the Heritage brand, an urban, Lisbon and Portuguese space that enriches the city's heritage.


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